Let us help you check and varify how you can reduce your utilities: Electric & Water Bills completely!


Solar Panels (made in USA), artificial grass / landscaping,  energy efficient windows (life time warrenty), Cool Roof (life time warranty), Cool Paint (life time warrenty), HVAC. SPECIAL – free rain gutters with every job


Join all satisfied home owners by going green. Let us come and qualify you!

Incentives & Rebates

Rebates and tax credits can pay for over 40% of your solar system!

Financing Programs

We offer several financing programs to fit your budget and goals.

Professional Installation

Our skilled and experienced installation team is always ready to help!

Save Money & Time With Us

the cost of electricity has steadily increased since 2008 & will likely continue

At Green Home Services solar energy system from Green Convergence we have the tools to completely reduce your electric and water bills! By qualifying you for to have zero down payment and free of bills.

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Why Us

We’re the #1 Commercial & Residential Solar Specialist, helping thousands of customers just like you go solar with energy efficient products.

Changing California

Green Homes Solar Services enable homeowners to save money on their electricity and water bills

Experienced Provider

Our goal is to help you replace dirty electricity with clean, renewable energy and turn your home to be as green as possible to increase savings.

Quality & Service

Green Homes Services is certified and supervised by HERO Renovate America programs, that protect homeowners, and provide great service and products.

Benefits For Clients;Friends

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Installing solar panels on your home is a substantial investment: enjoy reliable energy.

Eliminate your water bills, and enjoy NO MAINTENANCE yard.

We offer Drought Landscaping!

American made panels, twenty five years warranty

Up to 25 year financing

No Interest, No Payment optional.

0 down payment available


Savings Per Household


Systems Installed


Satisfied Clients


Max Gov Incentives

Who We Are

Durability & Functionality


Massive Energy Savings


Code Complient


Excellent Service


Our Mission

At Green Homes Solar Services our mission is simple. We put the roofs of America to work for the people that make this country great. Through our premier distributors we have access to top of the line cutting edge products. Our unmatched comprehension of federal and state incentives and our overall knowledge of the solar industry allow us to match our customers with the best systems for their specific needs. Clients of Green Homes Solar Services know that the system they purchased not only gave them the best return for investment Read More […]

Our Background

Throughout America people have become tired of the rising uncontrolled costs of electricity. Seeking alternatives to expensive utility companies, many consumers have found comfort in solar energy. Finding our energy independence has been something many of us have dreamed of but until recently has not been affordable to most people. Traditionally, solar has been marketed to consumers with an environmental consciousness as opposed to an economical one. Green Homes Solar Services is dedicated to changing this trend and bringing solar to not only high-end consumers but mainstream America as well. Our customer enjoys producing clean affordable electricity below the price they are currently paying with their utility company. Read More […]

Why Solar

In order to determine which system is best for your specific need our knowledgeable team of energy experts will sit down with you at your home and do an in-depth analysis of your current electrical usage. After listening to your specific objectives, examining your situation and doing a complete site evaluation you will have the power to confidently choose which technology is best for your project. In this stage our primary goal is to help you realize what solar can do for you, address any budgetary or aesthetic concerns and decide Read More […]

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Lets work on gettin your house up to par by powering itself with solar energy!

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